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Working with you to go farther

Often the right idea is just out of reach. We help you understand the nature of innovation and then instill the tried and true methods your people can use everyday to think differently. Learn more...

Profits, people, and places

We take the Triple Bottom Line and see how it applies to your strategy and growth opportunities. With an eye always on profitability, we work with you to achieve unrelenting growth, responsibly. Learn more...

The right strategy, at the right time

Choosing the right course can often feel overwhelming. And one misstep can be costly. In these uncertain times, our experts can help you chart a course to meet your goals. Learn more...


Many Audiences, One Goal

To unlock the true potential of your organization, you can create meaningful conferences and seminars as a great way to grow your business and inspire your people to innovate and lead. The people around you, supporting the daily work of your company are often waiting for you to prove that innovation has its reward.

Speaking Opportunities with James L Consulting is the innovative new way to mobilize your best and brightest people to accept the challenge of the future, and plot the course for success. James L Consulting is the expert you need to get the right people in the room, and moving in the right direction.

Reach out and do more, together

Instead of Isolation, your top people interacting with the newest thinking on key areas of innovation, strategy and leadership do their best work the more information they have. By creating the right opportunities, your teams will be poised to identify the challenges and shape your efforts in ways a single person could never imagine.

To see an example, download Dr. Eckmann's recent presentation, "The Ethical Side of Leadership" (ppt)

James L Consulting is your partner for seminar, conference and customized speaking engagements that will inspire and challenge your organization to move confidently into a new phase of growth. To find out more, contact James L Consulting today.