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Training Topics...

Profits, people, and places

We take the Triple Bottom Line and see how it applies to your strategy and growth opportunities. With an eye always on profitability, we work with you to achieve unrelenting growth, responsibly. Learn more...

The right strategy, at the right time

Choosing the right course can often feel overwhelming. And one misstep can be costly. In these uncertain times, our experts can help you chart a course to meet your goals. Learn more...

Working with you to go farther

Often the right idea is just out of reach. We help you understand the nature of innovation and then instill the tried and true methods your people can use everyday to think differently. Learn more...


Preparing your teams for the new challenges.

It is no secret that we are in a knowledge economy. And in order to keep up and stay competitive, being a thought-leader is just as important as any other skill in an executive’s bag. Part of staying competitive and looking forward is giving you and your team a chance to learn and grow into the latest proven ideas and systems. James L Consulting has the experience and knowledge to train your teams in the key areas that will make them, and your business, better.

Our staff has expertise in a wide variety of topics such as leadership, innovation, sustainability, and strategy. In addition, we create trainings specifically for our clients, trade groups, organizations and graduate-level cohorts.

And we get results. Our training sessions are more than just a morning of your best people staring at PowerPoint decks. We engage the whole learner through stories, activities and challenges that bring the content and subjects to life in ways that your people can apply that same day. Whether its large group, conferences, seminars, or small teams, we can get the right information to the right people in easy-to-digest training sessions.

And here’s what some of our clients have said:

“Dr. Helen Eckmann’s sessions with upper management were enlightening, encouraging, and entertaining. She presented difficult concepts in an understandable manner that provided practical solutions, while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.”

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