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Engineers Without Borders

"Dr. Eckmann thank you for your business expertise! We've used your organizational skills and business plan concepts to structure our chapter. They have helped us focus our business objectives and establish short and long term goals. Our intention in developing a solid business platform is to grow with integrity and to offer organizational strength and guidance to other EWB chapters throughout the USA should they choose to use our platform. Thank you for your contribution in helping us partner with developing communities worldwide to improve their quality of life."

Matt Grimes
Engineers Without Borders - Colorado Springs Professionals Chapter Founder and President (website)

The Boeing Company - Supply Chain

I recently completed the leadership class taught by Helen at the University of San Diego as part of the Masters of Science in Supply Chain Management program. This class has had a profound impact on me both in the way I perceive myself as well as others. Helen opened my mind to new ways of viewing people and my interactions with them through varying prisms and perspectives. The tools her class has given me allows me to engage people with insight into how they can and will hear and interpret the messages I am attempting to convey. This growth in understanding myself and my impact on others helps me to better utilize my my current relationships as well as understand how and when to strategically build new ones. I have no doubt that this skill will be invaluable both in strengthening relationships in my personal life and in building my future career. I find that much of the leadership teachings in other books and classes take on such an external perspective on tricks and techniques to use that it almost seems that you are trying to trick people into being productive and happy. Helen's class turns the leadership perspective inside out forcing you to be self aware and recognize that leadership is less about what you do and more about who you are. People follow those who they admire and who inspire them. Helen helped me to understand and recognize my strengths and shortcomings so that I can bolster certain attributes while downplaying and compensating for those areas where I fall short. I have no doubt that I am a better leader for having experienced her class and am sure that the rich insights I have gained will serve me well both personally and professionally. This self-knowledge is very powerful when trying to build a life and climb the corporate ladder. I urge anyone who strives to be a better leader to take the time to learn from Helen, she is a tremendous resource.

Brett Wiseman
Procurement Agent, Supply Chain Management
The Boeing Company

Organizational Training - Property Management

Dr. Helen Eckmann has been a personal friend for many years. I finally had the opportunity to invite her into our company to assist us in our leadership structure and the dynamics of our operations. Her sessions with upper management were enlightening, encouraging, and entertaining. She presented difficult concepts in an understandable manner that provided practical solutions, while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Helen is an amazing person, energetic, intelligent, and just fun to be around! She is an incredible resource who I would recommend to any size company.

Tom Sudberry
President and CEO
Sudberry Properties, Inc.

Strategy and Innovation for Small Businesses

"Professor Helen Eckmann’s Entrepreneurship class really inspired me to start a business of my own. That class was where I first learned about business plans and how to create them, which proved to be extremely helpful to me when it was time for me to write the business plan for Fro Yo."

Kyle Miholich
Owner, Fro Yo Self Serve Yogurt (website)
(Read more about Kyle and his Fro Yo idea in the USD Business School Alumni newsletter)

Organizational Training and Certification - Raytheon Corporation

Dr. Helen Eckmann worked with Raytheon Corporation for four years as a key component of our Material Program Manager Certification training program. Helen became the most talked about feature of the three day program with the enrolled participants. Dr. Eckmann's dynamic style captivated the groups in her day long session on leadership and communication styles. Her work ethic, attention to details and personal concern for her students was outstanding. Hundreds of Raytheon MPMs went through the program and always rated Dr. Eckmann's contribution extremely high.

Dr. Eckmann also worked with groups of senior managers at Raytheon. Dr. Eckmann is able to tailor her message on leadership and communication to meet the needs of senior level mangers effectively as she was able to with front line and middle managers at the company. Dr. Eckmann has truly been a value added resource in the development of our leaders at Raytheon.

William P. Forbes
Sr. Mgr., Supply Chain Technology
Raytheon Company

Organizational Training and Public Speaking - Professional Organization

Dr. Helen Eckmann has been a favored guest speaker at our organization. She is well regarded as a subject area expert in leadership, negotiations and professional development. Helen is fun, kind and amazingly energetic. Our organization continues to enjoy our long term relationship with this knowledgeable and fun woman.

Mr. Miguel Moron
National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Strategy and Sustainability - Small Business

Dr. Helen Eckmann has been a driving force in the advancement and growth of my company. I absolutely love working with her--she has incredible wisdom and speaks precise practicality into every aspect of your dream. She has a strength, intelligence, and class about her that shines through into everything she does. She is an absolute joy to work with.

Rachel Galloway
Mamma Made Designs

Career Development and Skills Coaching - United States Marine Corps

Dr. Helen Eckmann has helped thousands of Marines and their families learn how to find a job. Helen has faithfully volunteered eight times a year for the past twenty two years to speak on "The Resume/Interview Process" at the Pre-Retirement Seminar on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA.. Helen is the "jewel" of our three day seminar. Her reviews are stellar and have included offers of marriage. Helen is practical, fun, entertaining and most importantly encouragingly helpful to those leaving the service. She begins and ends every presentation by thanking the Marines for their service to keep our country safe. Her heart and her mind are in the right place.

Mr. Val Valentine, USMC (Ret.)
Camp Pendleton, California

Strategy and Sustainability - Small Business

Dr. Helen Eckmann has been instrumental in helping me with my business. When I was beginning my business I needed a practical and intelligent person to bounce structural ideas off of. Helen was excellent at explaining to me leadership and systems approaches which helped me to create a sound structure from which my business has grown. At several different points as the business grew, Helen was able to help me navigate extremely difficult personnel issues; helping me understand how to see my business set up so that both relationships and profits continually grow. Sessions that would begin with me wanting to pull my hair out and dissolve the business ended with me laughing at myself and understanding very clearly what I needed to do differently. It is always fruitful and fun to work with Helen!

Glen Galloway
President, Singing Serpent Music

Community Involvement - Non-profit

Dr. Helen Eckmann is on our Cancer Center Community Advisory Board and she is a friend to the Burnham Institute. Dr. Eckmann is always responsive to our needs in helping with our grant applications as an advocate. Dr. Eckmann is a survivor of cancer and she brings that experience, heart and hard working survival attitude to our institute with a poignant desire to create a cure for cancer.

Kristiina Vuori, M.D., Ph.D.,
Director, NCI Cancer Center
Burnham Institute for Medical Research

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