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Conference Papers

Changes in the Workforce
Ways to Alleviate the impact of changing demographics in the workplace. Published in September, 2007 CMP Magazine.

Great Man Theory
Join Dr. Eckmann as she presented this paper to the IBA Conference. Its a challenging look at our understanding of "Greatness" and its impact on our worklife.

Ethical Theory and Symbols
Creating and teaching using meaningful symbols is as old to humans as breath itself. Using our innate desire to understand and represent, Dr. Eckmann presents an important study on the use of symbols as a way to teach ethics.

Magazine Articles

JANUARY, 2008 - Today's workforce is composed of four generations who, historically, have been better at misunderstanding each other than working together. But well-organized mentoring programs such as the ones mentioned here can change that. This article appeared in the January, 2008 issue of Inside Supply Management magazine.


Facts vs. Intuition: Are they so different?
Examining the S and N of the Keirsey Temprament Sorter.

Leadership in Bizarro Land!
Coming out as a leadership winner, even when you lose.

The Three-Headed Monster
How the modern classic The E Myth Revisited can help you identify your strengths (and weaknesses) to succeed in business.

A New Model
Explore the growth of trust as we balance between politeness and authenticity.

Gender, Trust and Room for Growth
The often uncomfortable confrontation when we ask ourselves deep, dark questions.

Getting Better All the Time
A personal examination on the role of improving oneself in as many areas as possible.

Boundaries and Borders: Leading on the edge
The importance of understanding group permeability, when it works and when it damages.

Class Materials

BART: The Work of Leadership
Understanding your Boundaries, Authority, Role, and Tasks

Buckets and Dials: Ethical Decision Making
Understanding how you make decisions.

The Dance of Anger
Understanding how you behave during conflict.

Domain Analysis
Understanding what is within your control...and what isn't.

Keirsey Preference Sorter
Eight preferences and their impact.

Keirsey Temperament Types
Four Temperament Types and Strategies

The Business Life Cycle (pdf)
Where is your business? Where are your personal strengths?

Bad Stereotyping (pdf)
Subtle conversational crutches that unintentionally limit your audience's participation.

Conflict Negotiation "Stones" (pdf)
How to quickly get to the bottom of conflict.

Polarity Management (pdf)
Understanding your message and your market

God Positions (pdf)
Examining your relationship to God

Ethics Questionnaire (pdf)
How ethical are you? A practical quiz.

The Ethics of Money (pdf)
A simple formula for lasting results

Values to Behaviors (pdf)
Getting to the root causes of your behavior

The Pareto Principle (pdf)
The power of understanding this 80/20 rule

Shooting an Elephant (pdf)
George Orwell's important story, published in 1936.

Women, Power and Authority (pdf)
Historical and practical perspective of women in business.

A History of Leadership Studies (pdf)
The connection of the emotional and rational in business.

Two Leadership Concepts (pdf)
Self-Serving Attribution Bias (SSAB) and Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)

How to Read a Textbook (pdf)
Start out right to get the most from your texts.

How to Write a Two page Paper (pdf)
Follow these step-by-step suggestions to get results.

How to Write a Case Study (pdf)
Each step analyzed and explained.

Guidelines for Power Point Presentations (pdf)
Practical pointers to reach your audience.

Active Listening Lesson Plan (pdf)
Creating the right environment for communication.

Domain Analysis (pdf)
A pictorial representation of domain control.

Emotional Intelligence (pdf)
Emotional Intelligence Linked to Global Leadership Success

An Interview with Dean Koontz (pdf)
The role of hope in leadership.

Mind Maps (pdf)
Sketching the implications of your decisions

Oral Presentations (pdf)
The Dos and Don'ts of oral presentations

Four Stages of Consciousness (pdf)
Recognizing and staying "in the moment"

There Be Dragons (pdf)
No matter how hard you work, no matter how right are you are, sometimes the dragon wins.

Tips and Tools for Supervisors (pdf)
A quick how-to guide for hiring

Understanding Movies (ppt)
A PowerPoint presentation on how to get the most out of watching a movie

Writing Rubric (pdf)
An essential checklist and example sheet for writing

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