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Dr. Helen Eckmann

Dr. Eckmann holds a B.A. degree in Management, a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, and a doctorate from University of San Diego (USD) in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES).
Currently attending Fielding Institute, Evidence Based Coaching Program.

Helen has been named as one of the 2013 Women Making a Difference Award Nominees! As a nominee, she will attend the Women Making a Difference Awards Luncheon which will be held on Tuesday May 14th from 11:00am to 1:30pm at the J.W. Marriot Los Angeles.

Professional Experience - Education
Dr. Eckmann is a full-time faculty with Brandman University Business School. She is responsible for the Management program which includes Sustainability, Innovation and Supply Chain for both the BBA and the MBA degrees. She is currently working with Brandman to offer Supply Chain education on military bases system-wide and has helped run four pilot offerings on two military bases.

She has also taught at the University of San Diego Supply Chain Management Master’s Program for the past ten years. She has received “Teacher of Impact” Awards from students within that program eight times, the most recent in April 2011.

Dr. Eckmann has taught over 2,500 Master’s level students at five major universities. The courses she has taught include Management, Leadership, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Innovation, Economics, Systems Thinking, Marketing Management and Organizational Behavior. For the past twenty years Dr. Eckmann has worked six times a year at Camp Pendleton helping Marine’s separating from service be better prepared to attain corporate positions through the TAPS program

Professional Experience - Consulting
Dr. Eckmann is the owner of James L. Consulting. She was awarded San Diego Business Woman Owner of the Year in that capacity by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in 2009. She consults in innovation, sustainability, personal and organizational development, leadership, ethics and supply chain innovation.

As a consultant, Dr. Eckmann has worked for Raytheon Corporation and trained over 1,000 of the Material Program Managers on Supply Chain Leadership, Ethics and Decision Making. She has also trained in Ethics, Innovation, and Sustainability to thousands of others in the grocery industry, consumer electronics, information technology, manufacturing and biotech fields. Moreover, she is a featured speaker and lecturer on mentoring, especially on how the four generations can more successfully mentor each other to higher levels of production.

Professional Experience - Business
Other than owning and operating James L Consulting for the past ten years with six employees, Dr. Eckmann has in the past been a Personnel Director at three corporations, including Union Bank, Jazzercise and Raytheon Corporation. She has also assisted in several start-up operations and one very successful turnaround. She was the General Manager of National University Virtual High School, establishing a business plan, marketing plan, budget, developed courseware for 120 classes, and preparing for and receiving accreditation approval from WASC.

Publishing and Presentations
Dr. Eckmann has published widely including in Inside Supply Management Magazine. She has co-authored three books and presents at conferences nationally at least three times a year. Within the recent past Dr. Eckmann presented on her work to:

The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing
The Sourcing Interests Group

        - Conference on Women in Leadership, New Jersey
        - North American Research Organization: Solving the Sustainability Puzzle, in San Diego, February 2011.

WINS – Women in Leadership at Solar Turbines

        - Presenting on “Solving the Sustainability Puzzle” in San Diego, CA, 2010
        - Presenting on “The Hero’s Journey” in San Antonio, TX, April 2011

Most Recent Article: Solving the Sustainability Puzzle in ISM, Inside Supply Magazine, December, 2010.

Boards of Directors
Executive Review Board for Inside Supply Management Magazine 2009 to current.

Foundation for College Christian Leaders. Founding Member. Awarded over $1 million in college funds to students, San Diego, 1988 to Present.

Community Advisory Board for Sanford/Burnham Cancer Research Center in Torrey Pines, San Diego 2008 to current.

Advisory Board for NIPHLE (The National Institute of Packaging, Handling & Logistics Engineers.)

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